The timber frame is produced at high-tech computer driven machinery ensuring precision cutting and jointing. The timber frame arrives at your site pre-cut and drilled ready for slotting together and fixing. Full CAD drawings are supplied and each component is coded for easy identification.

Our structural elements are energy efficient and they are connectable with claddings of brickwork, stone or blockwork.

Unlike conventional methods where floor decks are sited on top of wall panels, our way design and production provides for floor decks which interlock into the wall panels in a unique manner. This eliminates the difficulty of satisfactorily ’closing’ the external wall panels between floors and also ensures an absolutely square and plumb structure free from ’racking’. Problems associated by differential movement are also minimized. The provision of continuous ring beam notched into the head of wall panels much increases structural integrity and virtually eliminates the need for ’cripple’ studs where there are apertures.