Kruunu Elementti Oy has a long experience, good skill and capacity in manufacturing prefabricated timber frames. Our production line is highly efficient and flexible to finish the timber frame elements according to the instructions of the client.

In addition to large timber frames, we manufacture partition walls, roof panels, floor constructions, thin-shell wood panels, roof trusses and frameworks, facade panels, as well as cut-to-size timber.

We have participated in all kinds of construction from residential buildings to day-care centers, schools, nursing homes, industrial halls and shopping centers. Our company is specialized in demanding building sites, we welcome big projects and manufacturing in quantities.

Our raw material is timber, the only renewable building resource. We use only the Nordic timber that is chosen by experienced professionals. This timber has the highest level of quality due to its slow rate of growth in the cool climate. It is of fine grain, hard and durable. More of the benefits of wood »

Since Nordic countries have a long tradition of wood construction in extreme conditions, we have a good know-how of timber as a building material. Our timber comes from environmentally sustainable forests. Exterior elements are made of the extra-hard wood from Northern Finland.

Timber frame products

We pay a special attention to the insulation of timber frame constructions. Well-insulated buildings are warm and dry, they are energy efficient and thus ecological. All the material we use for insulation is recyclable.

Kruunu Elementti Oy offers highly engineered solutions to all kinds of timber frame needs. Our production lines make also bespoke elements according to the design and specifications of the client. Our factory-made frames are quick to erect on site due to advanced prefabrication. As a company we are flexible in management and prompt in deliveries.

Logistics is no problem to us. We load in a professional manner, the cargo is easy to unload. Transportation from Finland to your respective location takes only about three calendar days. The history of our successful joint businesses in the UK markets is a good proof of the competitiveness of our prices.